Welcome to The Stuart Legacy Alliance, LLC where we believe that estate planning and protection should be about more than just the tax code, accounting, and legal paperwork. It’s about the families we serve and preserving their values. Knowing our clients’ families for who they are — getting a “snapshot” of milestones in their lives — is the best way to protect what they have.

Every family is unique with their own goals and traditions. We take the time to get to know you. By learning about your family’s special circumstances, we are better able to counsel you and create a plan that meets your needs right where you are.”Michael G. Stuart, JD, CPA, President of The Stuart Legacy Alliance, LLC


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How We Are Different

Since 1981, we have been more than just an estate planning firm. We have helped protect and enhance family legacies by integrating people’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations with their personal, financial, estate, and business goals. Whether it is wills & trusts, estate planning, or preparing a business exit strategy, we develop custom programs to meet your specific needs. We want to get to know you and your family and help you to think about how you want the album of your financial legacy to be constructed.

Our services range from estate planning to business counseling and succession planning. We can help you select the options that best fit your needs. We work with families, businesses, and other like-minded industry professionals to bring together the ideal solutions for our clients. A secure tomorrow can start today.


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