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The past year-and-a-half has been challenging to say the least, but it has also taught us a new way of getting work done. People are questioning how they do business and are searching for new methods to get things accomplished. With...

The Importance of Naming Guardians for your Minor Children

The Importance of Naming Guardians for Your Children

Did you know? Without a will or trust that designates a legal guardian, the care of your children would first be decided by the court. And while they make those decisions (which could be lengthy if family members disagree), your children would be put into protective custody — that means foster care. Learn more about how to best avoid this situation and ensure your children are placed with your preferred guardian as quickly as possible.

Michael’s Journey in Transformation & Self Discovery

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This powerful journey of self discovery has helped Michael live a more purposeful life and has provided opportunities to not only reconnect with himself, but also reconnect with family and friends.


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Check out Michael’s new book, Your Ultimate Legacy: How You Can Create, Expand, Enjoy and Sell a Purposeful Practice, available now on Amazon, CreateSpace and Kindle! Learn more about Michael’s professional journey of transformation and how you can apply it to your business practices too!


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