With only a few weeks left in the year, the likelihood that Congress will decide to extend the Bush-era tax cuts becomes smaller and smaller.  In 2011, the Senate and House of Representatives will be controlled by different parties, which could further limit the chances that an effective solution will be reached.

Unfortunately, many people who have taken the important first step of preparing estate planning documents like wills and trusts don’t do anything more, leaving them, their loved ones, and all they’ve worked for, exposed and vulnerable to all the changes – taxes, law, family circumstances – that can destroy even the best-laid plans.

The Stuart Legacy Alliance, LLC, is committed to maintaining  our clients’ estate plans with our proprietary Focused Legacy and LifespanWorks® programs.  These programs ensure their plans will work when they have to, making needed updates as laws or our clients’ needs change, all at an affordable price.  In doing so, the program provides flexibility, preserves family legacies, protects wealth, promotes family harmony, and, most importantly, makes sure that our clients’ wishes are met.

In this difficult time of transition, we urge everyone to have their estate plans reviewed.  Taking that first simple step will give them the peace of mind that comes from knowing their loved ones and all that’s rightfully theirs – their true Legacy –will be protected.

To learn more about the Focused Legacy program, call us today, obligation free.

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