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The Importance of Naming Guardians for your Minor Children

The Importance of Naming Guardians for Your Children

Did you know? Without a will or trust that designates a legal guardian, the care of your children would first be decided by the court. And while they make those decisions (which could be lengthy if family members disagree), your children would be put into protective custody — that means foster care. Learn more about how to best avoid this situation and ensure your children are placed with your preferred guardian as quickly as possible.

Wake Up Call

Waking Up & Giving Thanks As I was on the plane to a wonderful conference hosted by the Purposeful Planning Institute, I was thinking about spending time in beautiful Colorado — collaborating with new and long-term friends alike (at my age, you learn...

Making Real Connections

Being Present. Being Connected. Being Yourself. I was recently honored to be invited to the wedding reception for my friends, Tracy and Tim, and throughout the evening I just observed the festivities as they unfolded. We were in a...

Michael’s Journey in Transformation & Self Discovery

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This powerful journey of self discovery has helped Michael live a more purposeful life and has provided opportunities to not only reconnect with himself, but also reconnect with family and friends.


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